My first exposure to the stock market was when I was in about 5th or 6th grade when the daily results of the Dow Jones came across the television, and I asked my father what was the Dow Jones. He told me it was gambling and to stay away from it. In 7th grade, I bought the Wall Street Journal’s Guide to Investing, and learned the very basics of investing and reading stock tables. At that point I began to look through the paper daily to find stocks that I was interested in.

My Freshman year of high school I made my first investment in the stock market by putting my money into Microsoft, Intel, Xilinx, and Lucent. All throughout my high school and college career I monitored my investments and tried to learn as much about the market as possible. I graduated from Bentley College in 2004 with a degree in Finance, and continued to monitor my investments successfully.

My approach to trading is to have a fundamental understanding of the marketplace so that I can digest any news that comes out in the middle of the day and analyze what effect it will have on the market, and thus my trading decisions. I have a top down approach in that, I try to figure out what the economy is doing, how that will affect certain sectors and companies, and find levels to trade those stocks on.